Sam and Diane

I don’t know what brought me back around to this, but I am currently revisiting the object(s) of a teenage obsession and thought I’d document the results.  Sam and Diane were my very first "ship", and so I was very excited to discover that Cheers is available on Netflix for instant viewing.

This blog, or ultrafocused episode guide, is a medium for exploring the Chambers-Malone story while enjoying the hell out of spending time with Sam and Diane again.  Maybe it will strike a chord with someone else, maybe not, but I’m open to discussion.  I would love to hear from fellow Sam and Diane and Cheers fans along the way, but if no one else cares to join in, that’s okay too.  

So basically, the idea is, I’ll watch all episodes of Cheers from season 1 through season 5 and try to blog a bit after each viewing.  This is mainly about the ship, not the series or supporting characters/stories, so... forewarned.  This won’t be an everyday occurrence, and if I’m busy or away, it may be far less frequent, but I’m going to do my best.