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Season 4, Episode 20: Save The Last Dance For Me

last dance

Original Air Date: February 27, 1986.

Written By:  Heide Perlman

Plot: With a reunion of the Boston Boppers looming, and her ex as dancing competition, a desperate Carla …

Season 4, Episode 19: Dark Imaginings


Original Air Date: February 20, 1986.

Written By:  David Angell

Plot: Sam tries to prove his youth and vitality in a racquetball match against Woody, and lands himself in …

Season 4, Episode 18: The Peterson Principle


Original Air Date: February 13, 1986.

Written By:  Peter Casey and David Lee

Plot: Norm is faced with an ethical dilemma when he learns that his competition for a promotion …

Season 4, Episode 17: Second Time Around


Original Air Date: February 6, 1986.

Written By:  Cheri Eichen and Bill Steinkellner

Plot: Frasier is down in the dumps again after a date gone sour (with Lilith!), so Sam …

Season 4, Episode 16: Cliffie's Big Score


Original Air Date: January 30, 1986.

Written By:  Heide Perlman

Plot: Cliff summons up the courage to invite Diane to his postmen's ball, and when she initially turns him …