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Season 4, Episode 26: Strange Bedfellows, Part 3


Original Air Date: May 15, 1986.

Written By:  David Angell

Plot: Sam and Janet continue in their relationship.  Diane turns up at the bar on the day of Janet's press conference, …

Season 4, Episode 25: Strange Bedfellows, Part 2


Original Air Date: May 8, 1986.

Written By:  David Angell

Plot: Sam's relationship with Janet Eldridge grows, and he sees more and more of her as Diane eats her heart out.  …

Season 4, Episode 24: Strange Bedfellows, Part 1


Original Air Date: May 1, 1986.

Written By:  David Angell

Plot: Sam begins dating Janet Eldridge, a beautiful politician who is running for City Council.  A politically …

Season 4, Episode 23: Relief Bartender


Original Air Date: March 27, 1986.

Written By:  Miriam Trogdon

Plot: With a brief acknowledgement of last week's reconnection between Sam and Diane, things seem to be off …

Season 4, Episode 22: Diane Chambers Day


Original Air Date: March 20, 1986.

Written By:  Kimberly Hill

Plot: Diane feels left out of the gang's activities and sinks into a depression about it.  Frasier proposes …

Season 4, Episode 21: Fear Is My Co-Pilot


Original Air Date: March 13, 1986.

Written By:  Cheri Eichen and Bill Steinkellner

Plot: Jack Dalton, one of Diane's flings from her European adventure, turns up at the …