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Season 2, Episode 22: I'll Be Seeing You, Part 2


Original Air Date: May 10, 1984.

Written By:  Glen Charles and Les Charles

Plot: Semenko paints a powerful portrait of Diane, illustrating her deep sadness in her relationship …

Season 2, Episode 21: I'll Be Seeing You, Part 1

Seeing You

Original Air Date: May 3, 1984.

Written By:  Glen Charles and Les Charles

Plot: Sam is profiled in a local magazine as one of Boston's most eligible bachelors.  Diane is …

Season 2, Episode 20: Norman's Conquest


Original Air Date: February 23, 1984.

Written By:  Lissa Levin

Plot: Norm brings an attractive female client into the bar, and the peanut gallery decides she wants more …

Season 2, Episode 19: Coach Buries a Grudge


Original Air Date: February 16, 1984.

Written By:  David Lloyd

Plot: Coach's grief over his old baseball buddy T-Bone's death turns to ire when he learns that his friend …

Season 2, Episode 18: Snow Job

Snow Job

Original Air Date: February 9, 1984.

Written By:  David Angell

Plot: Sam heads off for his traditional Presidents' Weekend ski trip with the guys, but tells Diane he's going …

Season 2, Episode 17: Fortune and Men's Weights


Original Air Date: February 2, 1984.

Written By:  Heide Perlman

Plot: An antique scale that dispenses fortunes sets everyone on edge with its eerily accurate predictions.  …

Season 2, Episode 16: Cliff's Rocky Moment


Original Air Date: January 26, 1984.

Written By: David Lloyd

Plot: Cliff gets called out by another patron for his loudmouthery.  Challenged to a fight, he is at first cowed, …

Season 2, Episode 15: Coachie Makes Three


Original Air Date: January 19, 1984.

Written By: Heide Perlman

Plot: Diane and Sam contend with the intrusion of a third party.  Coach invites himself into Sam and Diane's …

Season 2, Episode 14: No Help Wanted


Original Air Date: January 12, 1984.

Written By: Max Tash

Plot: Diane decides to help Norman's flagging ego by setting him up with an accounting gig at Cheers, putting Sam …

Season 2, Episode 13: Battle of the Exes


Original Air Date: January 5, 1984.

Written By: Ken Estin and Sam Simon

Plot: Carla's ex, Nick, turns up to show off his fiancee and rub Carla's nose in his happyskeeviness.  …

Season 2, Episode 12: Where There's a Will


Original Air Date: December 22, 1983.

Written By: Nick Arnold

Plot: A wealthy older gentleman who has just learned he has six months to live guest bartends at Cheers, and …

Season 2, Episode 11: Just Three Friends

Picture 62

Original Air Date: December 15, 1983.

Written By: David Lloyd

Plot: Heather, Diane's oldest and dearest friend, moves to Boston, and Diane couldn't be happier, until she …