Season 5, Episode 11: The Book Of Samuel


Original Air Date: December 11, 1986.

Written By:  Phoef Sutton

Plot: Beth dumps Woody via a Dear John letter, and when she comes to town, the gang tries to help him save face by getting him a date from absent Sam's little black book.  It doesn't go quite as planned.  Woody's date is Sam's cleaning lady.

Thoughts: Okay, so Sam's in for like a nanosecond and then is gone, so let's be clear, this isn't one of the great Sam and Diane episodes.  There are a few nice moments with the rest of the cast though as they come to Woody's aid in his time of need.  Diane jumps in  first with the best of intentions, but sets Woody up for a fall by singing the praises of his non-existent girlfriend to Beth.  A double dinner date is lined up, much to Diane's and Woody's chagrin, and the rest of the gang decides to help bail Woody out, using Sam's notorious address book.  

The book yields my favorite part of the episode, which is Sam's entry for one Diane Chambers, as read aloud by one Diane Chambers: "Diane Chambers: Probably the most incredible woman I ever met.  Don't you agree, Diane?"  Ha!  Sam, you know Diane well, but truly, Woody is the one who put the book in her hands.  She didn't go looking for it. 

Anyway, after some confusion, Desiree, Sam's cleaning lady, plays girlfriend, but ultimately Woody's the one who comes clean to Beth about his charade, with some encouragement from Diane.  Beth is out and Woody is a free man, the end.  All in all, I wouldn't call this a great episode, but I did enjoy the Woody/Diane dynamic.  She's become like a big sister to him, and they work really well together.  Other than that, this episode is a wash.

Random: Woody, those green pants...

 "What kind of disgusting game is that?!" "I think you're really gonna enjoy this weekend, boss." "Well, this isn't quite as good as her usual letters." "Cornflower blue eyes, titian hair, Raphaelesque figure…" "And she smells good." "I'm sorry Woody, I have a strict rule about medding in other people's affairs." "Diane Chambers: Probably the most incredible woman I ever met. Don't you agree, Diane?" "Carla, the floor is yours, and not the first time, I might add." "Is it me or does she look different than she did on the phone?" "Guys, I think there's things about Sam that we don't know." "You won't tell my mother, will you?"