Season 5, Episode 5: House of Horrors With Formal Dining And Used Brick


Original Air Date: October 30, 1986.

Written By:  David Angell

Plot: After closing on the purchase, Carla discovers her dream house is haunted.

Thoughts: Sigh.  Another light Sam and Diane episode.  So much left to get fixed and we get a Carla Halloween episode.  Not that it's a bad one-- indeed there's lots of good stuff here-- it's just not what I'm looking for right now.  I do like the Carla/Cliff tease in this.  If Carla would just get over herself, she might find Cliff to be a good guy.  He's the only one who sticks it out with her when the going gets tough.  And he's different when they're alone-- very sweet and respectful of her.  I love the dance lesson she gives him and how they open up to each other.  When they think the end is near, she leaps into his arms and dare I say it?  They almost look... romantic.  They definitely have chemistry, and though Carla would end anyone who suggested it, Cliff might have been the one for her.

On the Sam and Diane front, it's more nonsense as Sam turns Diane's offer of a date down, and makes a big show of having another hot date booked for that evening.  The exchange about Tiffany is funny enough, and I love seeing Sam second guess his choices in women-- Diane can still get in his head like no one else-- but it all ultimately goes nowhere, and feels as though they're still spinning their wheels.  The fifth season malaise is starting to get to me, as is Diane's relentless pursuit of Sam.  She should know by now that the second she turns her back on him is when he'll come running.  Ah well, the wait continues.

Random: Norm, you really just gonna toss your slice of half-eaten pizza at the hearth like that?

 "Who wants peanut butter and jelly and who wants bologna?" "I don't know what it's like to be alone in the bathroom anymore. What's it like, Sam? Is it everything people say it is?" "I'm not going out with other women to punish you. That's just one of the perks." "They can't compare to the total package you experienced with me." "You got a sister, Frasier?" "No." "You got a dress?" "What's the occasion?" "Do you mind? You're in my light." "I am your light." "It's always dangerous to mess with Carla, but especially when she's happy. It's like when Frankenstein was playing with the little girl… it's a bad time to go up to him with a torch." "Angels on your pillow." "I saw Poltergeist. Do you think I wanna end up in the TV?" "I'll bet if you spent one night (God help you) in that house, your fears would be licked." "With a little fresh paint and new wallpaper, you'd have uh… fresh paint and new wallpaper." "Scary stuff… scares me." "What was your leg doing underneath my head?" "I wonder how long she's been wanting to do that."